credit insurance

Stella Northstar Insurance Assicurazioni
Northstar Polizza Rischio Credito Medio Termine

Underwriting criteria

Target Clients/ Policy Holder

Any italian company that sells on credit in Italy or abroad, with mid-term payment deferral

Elegible policies

All supplies of good & services sold with payment in installments up to to 60 months (maximum)

Max transactional volume

None – no limits

Commodity sector

Production and sale of goods and services

Risk eligibility

Any type of company, private or public, with an entrepreneurial activity

Geographical area

All geographical areas are potentially eligible depending on Country risk rating assigned (revised every 3 months)

How the insurance cover operates

How The Insurance Cover Operates
How The Insurance Cover Operates Vertical

Validity of the guarantee

For the entire duration of the operation and non-revocable

Events that can cause
the filing of a Claim

  • Inability to supply due to the cessation of activity with dissolution of the company
  • legal insolvency of the buyer Risk of non-payment following delivery of the goods supplied
  • legal and de facto insolvency (with increase in premium)

Guaranteed risks

  • Commercial
  • Political (export)


Up to 90% of the insured contract

Insurance premiums
and additional costs

Insurance premium: payed in advance through a single payment

  • The insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the insured amount payed in installments along with other criteria as well like, for example: period of coverage, buyer’s rating, political risk, country

  • The coverage operates through the payment of the insurance premium

Additional costs

  • Policy handling commissions

  • They are provided for when the policy is issued and when the insurability of each individual installment sales transaction is assessed (accepted by Allianz Trade)

  • Fixed fee for recovery activities

  • They are established in the Special Policy Conditions



For the whole duration coverage – up to 60 months, the insurer is not allowed to cancel the policy


Compensation in case of loss

Business growth

Improved access to financing can trigger business investments and growth


The insurance policy won’t change even in the case the Client rating gets worst during the period of coverage

Ensured profit

Cash flow is protected under all circumstances: compensation will be provided even if the supply of the good and/or service insured is interrupted no matter the reason


It’s possible to arrange the payment of the policy in installments

Case histories:
real examples of application

Pannelli Fotovoltaici

Production & Sale of Solar Panels

  • Country: Italy
  • Type: supply of solar panel
  • Policy duration: 30 months
  • Supply amount: 3.000.000€
  • Quarterly Installments:
    € 300k/each

Production & Sale of industrial machinery

  • Country: Spain
  • Type: supply of machinery for production plant
  • Policy duration: 36 months
  • Supply amount: 1.200.000€
  • Half year Installments:
    € 200k/each
Risonanza Magnetica

Supply of MRI machinery

  • Country: UK
  • Type: supply of a new MRI machinery
  • Policy duration: 18 months
  • Supply amount: 900.000€
  • Half year Installments:
    € 300k/each

Companies typically interested:

Small, medium & large companies

Supply – through credit – of goods and services

Exporting companies

Its a tool that facilitates increasing sales level

Financing & better cash flow

Its a tool that ensures a better access to bank credit. The policy can be transferred to the bank.